Are Thermacell MR450 Mosquito Repeller worth considering?? {Complete review}

How does the Thermacell MR450 work

In this article, we want to examine some of the factors why we should consider Thermacell 450 Mosquito repellent in 2022.

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Thermacell Mr450 is a handheld, battery-powered device that uses heat to keep mosquitoes away. The mr450 Thermacell mosquito repeller uses an evaporation system for protection lasting up to 4 hours per mat.

When switched on the Mr450 heats the repellent mats releasing allethrin (a synthetic copy of pyrethrum) into the air. This chemical is found in natural pyrethrum, which is a flower extract used in many insect repellents and has been registered with the EPA as an effective mosquito control product since 1956.

The mr450 contains three mats that can be replaced when they run out. The mr450 works by heating up one of these mats to drive off this spray into the air. When released, allethrin will gradually decline to a residual level within 30 minutes of turning off the mr450, but it should not be present for at least 20 hours after switching on the repellent.

What is a Thermacell mosquito repeller?

The Thermacell mosquito repeller creates a 15 by 23-foot zone in order to repel mosquitoes. The device works by releasing “the repelling agent, allethrin,” into the air that effectively masks both odors and carbon dioxide issued from humans and animals. There is no harmful exposure of pyrethrins or other toxic chemicals which often come with conventional pesticides – no risk! This natural repellent is safe for children, pets, and plants to be around.

Thermacell guarantees 100% effectiveness from any bug-borne illness including the Zika virus when used correctly.

Who should buy this product and why

Campers and hikers who want to avoid mosquitoes without spraying themselves with heavy chemicals, which can be overpowering. It can also be used for outdoor events, including fairs and sports matches, as well as picnics. The repellent creates a 15-foot zone of protection against mosquitoes which is perfect to avoid mosquito bites at your backyard or living room, especially during the night.

Key features of MR 450 Thermacell

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Mr 450 Thermacell mosquito repellent has 3 main features that make it stand out from the competition:

1. Patented mat technology – mat should be replaced after 4 hours because this will give enough time for safe usage of the device.

2. Hands-free operating – thanks to its small size you can place it anywhere.

3.360-degree protection – thanks to its new design you can get rid of mosquitoes, midges, and other flying insects in all directions.

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MR 450 Thermacell review – Is it really worth buying??

We have tested Mr 450 Thermacell against many mosquitoes. And we must say that this device works great!! We had no problems while using for example for fishing while camping on some lake or river. It provides a nice smell which was not too noticeable during testing. So far most of the customers who bought Thermacell mr450 were happy with what they received and would recommend this device to others.

What do you need to know before usage? Before using your Mr 450 Thermacell mosquito repellent make sure you read the following tips:

1. Do not use near open flames or when smoking

2. Do not cover the unit with a blanket, pillow, or cushion

3. Do not expose to rain

4. Do not operate in high humidity conditions

5. In case of any problems please contact Mr 450 manufacturer on [866-753-3837] For other problems check the troubleshooting page.


The Thermacell MR450 is a great product for those who spend time outdoors. It works by creating an invisible barrier of protection around you so that mosquitoes can’t get to you. Whether you are camping, hunting, or just want to enjoy the fresh air with your family on your patio, this device will keep mosquitos at bay without chemicals and also provides up to 12 hours of protection per cartridge. You should buy this product if you don’t like using bug spray because it has no odor or chemical residue left behind when used correctly. If there was one thing we would change about the mr450 it would be its size which makes it difficult to use in windy conditions.

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Frequently asked Questions

Is Thermacells bad for you?

When it comes to Thermacells, the bottom line is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, which should include information about when not to use them.

The truth is that millions of people have used ThermaCell mosquito repellers for years and have had no problems with them whatsoever—and in fact, many of their friends and family members have also embraced these devices without a problem.

How many hours does the Thermacell last?

The device will last up to 12 hours on one fuel source, depending on the model.

What is the difference between Thermacell mosquito repeller vs mosquito repellent?

There are many differences, but mainly it’s the way they work. A mosquito repellent will just mask smells or use barriers to try to keep mosquitoes away from you. The mosquito repeller uses heat and its citronella cartridge to create a 15×15-foot zone of protection against mosquitoes and other flying insects.

How long does it take to set up the Thermacell mosquito repeller?

The Thermacell mosquito repeller is easy to set up, just push the butane cartridge into the fuel chamber until you hear a click sound, then one more click sound indicates it’s safe to use.

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